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We are excited to introduce our new 2017 UDose™ unit dose portfolio updated with a new look and items to better serve your needs!

The 2017 UDose™ portfolio includes new product categories, new items, and a fresh approach to presenting our line in a user-friendly way. The comprehensive catalog caters to your needs. New unit dose categories include RXs, Controls, OTCs, Supplements and Vitamins, Mouthwashes, Ointments, and Gum and Lozenges.

For a printable copy of our 2017 UDose™ portfolio, please click here.

Item Name Case Qty Type
17856-0312-01 GAVILAX PWD 17 GM PACKET 72 UD 72 P
17856-0312-02 GAVILAX PWD 8.5 GM PACKET 72 UD 72 P
17856-0312-03 GAVILAX PWD 17 GM CUP UD 50 50 P
17856-0312-04 GAVILAX PWD 4 GM 72 UD 72 P

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